Banana Lassi

Anna Zacharria’s Banana Lassi

There are at least 20 kinds of bananas that grow in South India. This drink is another great way to enjoy them. Note: This recipe serves one. Multiply it as needed for a nutritious start to your day or snack anytime.

Anna Zacharria's Fried Buttermilk

Anna Zacharria’s Fried Buttermilk

This recipe for Fried Buttermilk adds protein to your diet, and colour and taste to your plate. It is a South Indian favourite that we enjoyed at Green Palms Homestay. Serve over rice.

Tamarind & Ginger Coconut Chutney

Anna Zacharria’s Tamarind, Ginger Coconut Chutney

Tamarind, ginger, and coconut grow throughout Kerala and so it is not surprising that someone thought to put them together in a chutney. When you taste it, you’ll believe that cooking axiom: what grows together, goes together.

Anna Zacharria's Duck Curry

Anna Zacharria’s Duck Curry

I first tasted this Duck Curry in 2014 and dreamed of learning how to make it. It’s got a depth of flavour that comes from deeply caramelized onions, fresh local duck and the lusciousness of coconut cream pulling all these signature flavours of the region together. We are deeply grateful to Anna for sharing her …

Anna Zacharria, Green Palms Homestay, Kerala

Anna Zacharria

On a small island called Chennamkary deep in the Alleppey District of Kerala, Anna Zacharria, standing about five feet tall, quietly chops at her kitchen counter. Rays of sun fall through the partially shaded window. They highlight white streaks through her long black hair which is pulled back in a loose plait. A few loose …