Karen Anderson and Pauli-Ann Carriere

Writer and photographer, Karen Anderson and Pauli-Ann Carriere, are passionate about travelling and connecting with other cultures. Food is the key that unlocks the doors they want to take you through. What lies on the other side is access to the stories of daily lives that will allow you to discover the ties that bind us as humans and the differences that we can all learn from.

Anderson (on right above) brings to this project, over a decade of expertise in the food tourism industry along with a career as a writer and award-winning cookbook author. Carriere (left above) is an entrepreneur and photographer whose art captures the transitory encounters of people, places, colour, texture and light. The duo met in 2003 and have travelled extensively in India since 2012. The map on the right shows the routes they’ve travelled in 2016 and 2017 researching this blog’s South India road trip.