Pumpkin and Pigeon Peas with rice and curry leaves sit in a black serving bowl.

Pumpkin Pigeon Pea Erissery

This vibrant Pumpkin Pigeon Pea Erissery is a treat when travelling through Kerala. Each year at the fall harvest festival of Onum it’s easy to find. It’s an essential part of the banquet feast or sadya for that festival. And, a whole lot of feasting goes on during that 10 days each year. We are …

Green Chilli Fritters Frying

Green Chilli Fritters

Whether you are a visitor travelling across South India or a local bustling through a frenetic day in the life of Mother India, street food is often the easiest fuel supply to keep the human engine running. We spied these Green Chilli Fritters at a stall across from a monument we were visiting in Kochi. …

A bowl of shallot salad

Quick and Easy Shallot Salad

Chefs love to talk food. And, we love to know what they are cooking – both professionally and at home. We always ask about their favourite dishes. Often, they are amazingly simple recipes like this Quick and Easy Shallot Salad. This is a dish that one of the CGH Earth Experience Hotel‘s chefs – Francis …

Keralan Vegetable Ishtoo

Keralan Vegetable Ishtoo

Vegetables are a huge part of the diet in Kerala. And, locals enjoy their vegetables especially when they are served in Keralan Vegetable Ishtoo. Ishtoo is the Malayalam word for stew. The vegetables involved in this stew vary depending on what’s fresh at the local markets. Cooks pick the freshest seasonal ones. Then, they simmer …


Cherupayar – Green Gram Curry

Cherupayar is a green gram curry that uses whole moong beans. Moong beans are high in fiber, protein and antioxidants. They are also very tasty. After soaking the moong dal overnight, the recipe comes together quickly. Ranjini whipped this up for us early one morning as part of our South Indian breakfast at The Turmerica.