Filtered coffee is served all over South India. At The Turmerica, owner Raj’s South Indian filtered coffee differs greatly!

Here, instead of using powdered coffee to make this delightful drink, Rajapol Menon, co-owner with his wife Ranjini, uses freshly ground beans from The Turmerica’s own coffee plantation. The roast is mild and the flavour melds perfectly with the sugar and milk he uses. 

Raj’s coffee did have something in common with most South Indian filtered coffees though. It was served in a small steel tumbler and dabarah (container and cup) that he used to cool and mix the coffee. 

Pouring the coffee between the tumbler and the dabarah creates the classic frothy layer over the filter coffee. As you’ll see with our video, Raj was an expert at this fun presentation. We don’t have an exact recipe for you. But maybe this video will encourage you to play with your coffee. Go on. Treat yourself to a little cream and sugar once in a while.

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