A man sells vegetables under a red and white umbrella at the Kalpaka vegetable market.

There are so many fun things to do in Kozhikode (Calicut). Take a virtual trip with us now, and when it’s safe to venture out once more, here’s what we recommend.

  1. Check out the Fish Market – We got up at four o’clock in the morning to visit the fish market with Chef Babu of the Taj Gateway. Pauli-Ann loves to photograph fish and we were impressed with the abundance and variety. 
  2. Cook with Abida Rasheed – Abida has put Moplah food on the map and Kozikhode with it. 
  3. Eat and shop your way along Gujarati St. – Discover Kozhikode’s other great food influence, the flavours of Gujarat, with a snack at Dilbar Chaat. Check out the latest fashion designs at The B’nana Store. And, see what else is popping up on this historic street of former Gujarati spice and cloth merchant warehouses. 
  4. Take a food and history walking tour with our friend Bibin Baby, tour guide and naturalist. Get the scoop on local eateries like The Paragon Restaurant and iconic food stalls like Kumari Banana Chips and the best place to enjoy a fresh Milk Sarbath. Stroll the Kalpaka Vegetable Market, eat some authentic Kozhikode halwa on Sweetmeats Street and catch the action of the wholesale spice market at Big Bazaar Road.
  5. Enjoy sunset over the Arabian Sea at Kozikhode Beach. And, while you’re there, check out the food stalls.

During this period of COVID-19, we are happy to offer our blog as a form of armchair travel. When it is safe to travel again, we sincerely hope you’ll venture forth and experience all these wonderful Faces, Places and Plates for yourself! – Karen and Pauli-Ann.

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We are grateful to Taj Gateway Hotel Beach Road Kozhikode for hosting us during our stay in Kozhikode in 2017. It’s always a treat to experience a little “Tajness!”

Thank you also to Indus Travel and Hi Tours for sponsoring our travel throughout South India in 2017.

All words and photos are our own and were not shared with the sponsors before publication.

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