Neichoru_Ghee-Rice with cashews

Neichoru (Ghee Rice)

Neichoru (Ghee Rice) is one of the most popular Moplah dishes. Locals serve it at most special occasions and ALL weddings. The addition of fried shallots, raisins, and cashews elevates this rice dish to a grand level. It is also enjoyed on its own as a lunch or dinner. At weddings, the host family serves …

Three grilled pathiri bread sitting on a green banana leaf


Pathiri is a bread made with rice flour. It’s the perfect accompaniment for Moplah cuisine, especially for dishes like Marinated Fish and Mutton Stew. There are many different versions of Pathiri. But, we love this one from Abida Rasheed. It comes together so easily. This is definitely one of our favourite Kerala taste memories. We’ll …

Moplah Mutton Ishtew

Moplah Mutton Ishtew

This Moplah Mutton Ishtew (Stew) is easy to make. Especially, if you have a pressure cooker. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, it’s still easy. It just takes longer. Like all stews, this is classic comfort food. But, unlike other stews, this Moplah Mutton Stew has an exceptional depth of flavour. Where does that …

Orange coloured Mango Ice Cream sits in a bowl.

Amuu’s Mango Ice Cream

We’d like to thank our dear friend Amuu Menon for contributing Amuu’s Mango Ice Cream to our collection of favourite South Indian recipes. Amuu is a budding chef and her patience and interest during our visit to The Turmerica was commendable.  On our last day, she surprised us with this delicious mango ice cream. Her …


Payasam with Ripe Bananas

Payasam is a type of rice or vermicelli pudding common throughout South East Asia. Ranjini Menon’s Payasam with Ripe Bananas at The Turmerica in Wayanad is a Royal Malabar cuisine dessert. What makes it different? Ranjini says since bananas are plentiful in Wayanad, they make a great base for the pudding instead of the usual …


Puli-inchi – Tamarind Ginger Chutney

Puli-inchi – Tamarind Ginger Chutney is a flavourful chutney served for all auspicious occasions in Kerala. It’s also ALWAYS served as part of any multi-course Banana Leaf Thali meal. Our dear friend Ranjini Menon, the co-owner of The Turmerica Homestay in Wayanad demonstrates the recipe in the video below. The recipe follows.