Master Chef Karrupiah of The Bangala Hotel and cooking school in Karaikudi at work on a mutton recipe.


Karrupiah is the master chef at The Bangala in the town of Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu’s Chettinad region. From the time I first met him in 2014, until my return with Pauli-Ann two years later, I dreamed of cooking with him. Karrupiah is the expression of what is good in all cooks. He lives to cook …

Karen enters the inner courtyard of a Chettiar mansion.

Karaikudi in Chettinad

Chettinad in Tamil Nadu has become a popular destination for food lovers, architectural buffs and antique hunters. The area is the ancestral homeland of the Chettiyars, a class of wealthy merchants who built their fortunes from trade and finance ventures in south east Asia. Because of their travels, their food is distinctly different from other …

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Kochi – Places to Stay

  There are new hotels being built in Kochi all the time but we like the following list for their locations, services and amenities.   CGH Brunton Boatyard  Located a short walk from Jew Town and the fish markets, the CGH (Clean, Green and Healthy) hotel group took an old ship building yard and turned …

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Nimmy Paul’s Avial

  Nimmy Paul says you can vary the vegetables you use in this dish but it should always contain a starch like yam or potato, a soft vegetable like a raw green banana or plantain and a green vegetable.   Enjoy this bright and colourful dish as a side or on its own with appams …

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Nimmy Paul’s Chemeen

Nimmy Paul used small pink prawns for this dish and they were as tender as can be. Kokum – one of the key ingredients – is a small round type of tamarind pod native to South India. Look for it (as a dried version) at Indian Grocers or substitute a small amount of tamarind paste.