Anna Zacharria, Green Palms Homestay, Kerala

Anna Zacharria

On a small island called Chennamkary deep in the Alleppey District of Kerala, Anna Zacharria, standing about five feet tall, quietly chops at her kitchen counter. Rays of sun fall through the partially shaded window. They highlight white streaks through her long black hair which is pulled back in a loose plait. A few loose …

Pumpkin Tales' Warm Morning Glory Bowl

Pumpkin Tales’ Warm Morning Glory Bowl

This hearty bowl is grainfree and served warm for breakfast. It’s a completely nourishing way to start the day and each time we visited the cheery Pumpkin Tales cafe, Karen had to have it.

Pumpkin Tales’ Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Tales’ Pumpkin Soup

This light and lively soup is a reflection of Chennai as a cosmopolitan city with culinary influences as varied as the cultures that make up it’s bulging populace. With its finish of coconut milk, and the Indian people’s love of pumpkins, it fits in perfectly as South Indian cuisine. Use cream instead of the coconut …


Chennai had always served as a jumping off point for us. We’d usually land in the wee hours of the morning from an overseas flight and bolt straight south to Mamallapuram like a child to the loving comfort of it’s mother’s arms. We never spent anytime in Chennai because, like children perhaps, we found it …

Raw Banana Chops

Raw Banana Chops

This recipe calls for raw green bananas which are abundant in South India. These are not the unripe version of North America’s “Chiquita” yellow banana. They are similar to what we can buy as unripe plantains. They are starchy and used as a vegetable instead of a fruit.