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We enjoyed a sublime Vegetable Biryani at The Waterfront Restaurant on heart-shaped Hussain Sagar Lake. So, we asked our guide, Srinu, for the best places to eat in Hyderabad. We knew we’d found a fellow food lover when he started talking and didn’t stop. Srini gave us his Top 10 Places to Eat in Hyderabad. What a soulmate!

Here they are for your dining pleasure. 

  1. The Waterfront (and Eat Street Grill beside it) – we can vouch for the biryanis here. Simply delectable.
  2. Paradise Restaurant – started in Hyderabad in 1953, famous for their biryani, they’ve now spread throughout India.
  3. Ohri’s – there’s 30 restaurants belonging to this restaurant group in the city. They are authentically local having started here in 1976 and still being owned by the Ohri family. The next four restaurants can be found on the Ohri website.
  4. Serengetti – a fine dining restaurant with a North African theme owned by Ohri’s
  5. Rubaiyat – also owned by Ohri’s, this is North Indian, fine Moghali cuisine, Afghani in nature
  6. Nautanki Gali – Srinu says this is a fun place with food stalls that represent what would be found in villages throughout India. 
  7. 70 mm – a Bollywood themed restaurant
  8. Simply South – by chef Chalapathi Rao, this is our kind of place, a culinary tour of the five South India states.
  9. Chutneys – just as the name implies, there’s a lot of wonderful chutneys plus delicious dosa and idlis too.
  10. Palace Heights – a high end dining establishment frequented by movie stars with a fabulous view of the city. 

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