Sukku Coffee sits in a glass pot. Ginger and whole coriander seeds garnish.

Isha’s Ginger Coriander Coffee aka Sukku Coffee is an herbal infusion. It has a positive effect on your prana or life energies. If you’d like to eat and drink food that increases your energy, it’s best to avoid coffee and tea. That’s because they are stimulants that block your ability to receive energy.

The caffeine in coffee and tea is also habit-forming. There can be mild withdrawal symptoms (drowsiness and headaches) during the withdrawal phase. The reward for dropping these habits is once you get past that stage, you’ll be more in touch with your true energy state.

In the meantime, just because you need to give up the caffeine doesn’t mean you have to give up the enjoyable past time of sipping a hot beverage. Isha’s version of “coffee” is made from fresh ginger and dried coriander seeds. It’s sweetened with jaggery and is a very soothing way to start your day. Who needs a jolt when you can glide through life?

Note: We are happy to share Isha’s Ginger Coriander Coffee aka Sukku Coffee recipe. If you enjoy this recipe, we hope you’ll try some of the other Isha recipes including Sāmbhar SadhamCoconut Mango CrispCoconut Buns and Green Gram Salad.

Isha’s Ginger Coriander Coffee (Sukku Coffee) Recipe

4 servings


2 inch ginger, crushed slightly to release some of the oils
4 teaspoons coriander seeds
Palm jaggery or brown sugar to taste
Milk to taste (optional) – use soy or coconut milk if you follow a vegan diet.


  1. Bring 4 cups of water to boil.
  2. Add the ginger and coriander seeds; lower the heat and simmer for 3 to 4 minutes.
  3. Add the palm jaggery or sugar and stir until it dissolves. Taste and add more if necessary.
  4. Add the optional milk if desired.
  5. Enjoy hot.


Originally from A Taste of Well-Being – Sadhguru’s Insights for your Gastronomics and used with permission, thanks for trying this recipe.

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