Caramelized bananas may use a French cooking technique, but the bananas themselves are a pure South Indian treat. There are about 20 varieties of bananas indigenous to Kerala. As far as we could tell, in our very serious banana connoisseur fact-finding mission, each is tastier than the one before.

Our host at The Turmerica, Ranjini Menon, used a long banana to make this dessert. It was most likely a Ethapazham or Nendra pazham. As these are very hard to find in the rest of the world, a regular old Chiquita banana will do until you can get to Kerala to try these for yourself!

Caramelized Bananas Recipe

4 servings


2 Tablespoons ghee
3 long bananas cut in ½ – inch slices
3 – 4 Tablespoons jaggery


  1. Melt the ghee over medium-high heat on a griddle or large crepe pan.
  2. Place the sliced bananas into the ghee, sprinkle with the jaggery and cook until golden.
  3. Turn one by one and repeat until the other side is golden and the jaggery and butter mixture is thick.
  4. Enjoy on their own or with vanilla ice cream.

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